Lid boxes

This is the most popular, classic solution. The boxes consist of 2 parts, i.e. a bottom part and a lid placed on top.

Book boxes

The box consists of the main part, in which the product is placed, and a cover. The cover on the so-called closing flap may have magnets.

In the absence of a flap, there may be, for example, a ribbon, which also serves a decorative function.

The main advantage of folding boxes with a magnet closure and self-adhesive paper is that they can be stored flat. When assembled, they form a rigid structure. They take up little space both in transport and storage.

Drawer boxes

This model consists of the box itself and a pull-out drawer. A ribbon fitted to the drawer makes it easy to pull out. A rather popular addition and a security feature often ordered by clients is the overlay.

Round boxes

The original shape gives the packaging an even more exclusive touch. 
Perfect for bottles, flowers, cosmetics.

Case boxes

One-piece box, which opens on one side. Ideal for a set of products such as books, albums, CDs and much more.


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